Lullaby For the Separated is out everywhere!

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Music To Vote To. 

The Soapbox Salute's new EP is available now through your favorite streaming service, or for purchase here on the website! The music is electric with protest themes and anthems. You just might want to get your ballot right away!


Anthem for Justice & Peace is a donation based song on Bandcamp and all donations will go to the Anti Police Terror Project.

Click the download button above and donate to support the work they the APTP is doing to defund the police, and reinvest that money in communities, and appropriate response to 911 calls. When an armed cop comes on the scene, it automatically escalates the situation. It is not appropriate for people having a mental health crisis, for drug users, or for minor public complaints to have armed officers be the only line of defense for our communities. That prioritizes arrests over solutions. Let's defund the police and get our priorities straight. Community development over incarceration and extra judicial murders.

Support the full length album

The full first album is in production and is due out this year and your donation will go directly to help the production and promotion of the album. Donate to help me spread the message, and master the tracks. $10 or more and you will get a digital download of the album when it is released. $50 or more and you will get a digital download of the album and a limited edition #VoteThemOut t-shirt.

Protest Folk, Rock, Soul

Music that uplifts, educates, and challenges.

There are so many great artists out there with a powerful message, but fusing musical artistry, songwriting, and social commentary is rare indeed. The Soapbox Salute tries to do just that with its eclectic and rootsy mix of folk, rock, soul, and Americana. The songs brim harmony and prose, driving rhythm, and accents of brass. Aside from the music, the lyrics are deeply thoughtful and compassionate, centering the plight of downtrodden and forgotten people. They boldly denounce injustice in many forms, and even suggest solutions, all without the pitfall of seeming cheesy or insincere. 

Music is an opportunity to empower others. Why make music if not to make us feel, make us see new things, and to embrace those who we can not be near physically?