“Why just create music, when you could make music that’s really changing the world?” That’s the concept behind The Soapbox Salute, a musical project that donates a quarter of all earnings to nonprofits. Creator, Timothy Dixon, is an activist, musician, and elementary school teacher settled in Oakland. After living and teaching in South Korea, then hiking, biking, and backpacking through Southeast Asia, he went looking for a place to settle and hone both his teaching and musical skills. ”I came to Oakland four years ago because of its diversity and passion for justice. I knew this was a place I’d be proud to call home.” 

Even while teaching Kindergarten and taking classes at night to fulfill his California Teaching Credential, he still managed to self record and produce songs about his travels. “It was around that time that I realized it wasn’t enough to just create music, I wanted to make music that could make a difference.” In late 2016, he wrote a song that did just that. 

“Broken Dream” is a pure protest song born out of the time after the 2016 election. “I remember being at school on that Wednesday and so many of my students asking how such a man could be our president. A few weeks later, I wrote Broken Dream.” It’s a song that is electric with protest and positivity that centers diverse communities and collective action as the solution to the ailments of society. 

Timothy continues to teach, as well as write new songs to share with his classroom and the world. His new EP, Vote Them Out is available under his moniker, The Soapbox Salute, on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or anywhere you stream music.