There are so many great artists out there with a powerful message, but fusing musical artistry, songwriting, and social commentary is rare indeed. The Soapbox Salute tries to do just that with its eclectic and rootsy mix of folk, rock, soul, and Americana. The songs brim harmony and prose, driving rhythm, and accents of brass. Aside from the music, the lyrics are deeply thoughtful and compassionate, centering the plight of downtrodden and forgotten people. They boldly denounce injustice in many forms, and even suggest solutions, all without the pitfall of seeming cheesy or insincere. 

The Soapbox Salute is the brainchild of Tim Ryan, a passionate, multi instrumentalist, 2nd grade teacher, transplant from Boston. A student of the world, he is an avid traveller, a learner of language, and is fascinated by other cultures, a pupil of spirituality and religion, and a nature lover. His dedication to justice and inclusion is noted by many, none more than by the 7 year olds that call him teacher. 

After 6 years in Oakland he has been taking this social justice music to the next level. The self recorded and produced 2020 EP, Vote Them Out puts the band on the map with a bold offering, but the real debut is expected in 2024. The talented band fills out the live show and brings the songs to life with zest and flair. You won't want to overlook this up and coming group.