There are so many great artists out there with a powerful message, but fusing musical artistry, songwriting, and social commentary is rare indeed. The Soapbox Salute tries to do just that with its eclectic and rootsy mix of folk, rock, soul, and Americana. The songs brim harmony and prose, driving rhythm, and accents of brass. Aside from the music, the lyrics are deeply thoughtful and compassionate, centering the plight of downtrodden and forgotten people. They boldly denounce injustice in many forms, and even suggest solutions, all without the pitfall of seeming cheesy or insincere. 

The 7 piece protest band is the brainchild of the group's singer and guitar player Tim Ryan who comes from an educator and activist background. Each song carries deep meaning while weaving through stories, bold melodies, funky rhythms, and brash brass counterpoint. The songwriting is unique and powerful, and the energy is infectious. 

The rest of the band consists of Ingrid Pontes, Cassandra Fermin, Pierre Jauretche, William Calderon-Lopez, JT Happ, and Rick Ortega bringing guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, tenor and bass trombones, and trumpet.

The name of the band is a "salute" to protest singers of the past who have helped to inspire change by standing on their own soapbox. The band includes elements of Folk, Rock, Americana, and Soul.